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My main interests are hypmic and enstars. I also like Splatoon 2, Ace Attorney, Persona 3+2, Pokemon, Warrior Cats, Ichu, A3!, Idolish7, RWBY, Kagerou Project and a lot more. Please feel free to talk to me about my interests!

Please don't follow me if you're here to spy, have anything against my friends, are gonna hate on my comfort characters whenever I post about them, if you fit basic dfi criteria (transphobic, homophobic, racist etc) and if you character claim. Don't follow me if you like/support incest and pedophilia. Get away from me with that nasty stuff

I try my best to interact! I'm just a little awkward and don't know what to say most of the time

I use my kins as a method of coping! I don't claim to be the race of any.

  • Kaoru Hakaze Enstars
  • Itaru Chigasaki A3!
  • Raku Wakaouji Ichu
  • P3 Protag/Minato Arisato Persona 3
  • Kyoji Takajo SideM
  • I have more, feel free to ask! No Kaoru or Itaru doubles pls.. Idc about the others as long as I get tagged

    You don't have to dm me anything before you follow, but if you'd like to tell me you read this dm me your favorite emoji!